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8th study strip / workshop - 8. studijsko putovanje i radionica, 17. – 23. 09. 2017: Madrid, Belchite, Barcelona, La Jonquiera, Rivesaltes
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I am interested in the topic on the one hand as a researcher, on the other hand as a practitioner, and I don’t want to separate both, as the research can inspire the field work and vice-versa. Having grown up in the context of French-German reconciliation and living since six years in Bosnia-Herzegovina, I am especially interested in the question of the possibilities and difficulties to articulate together in post-war societies facing the past on the one hand, and peace-building on the other hand, and to what extent it is possible to connect divided memories.


School on Commemorative Cultures for NGOs from the Balkans, organized in Zagreb by Documenta and the Institut für Angewandte Geschichte Frankfurt/Oder.

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In 1992, nearly the entire Non-Serb population was expelled from the town and several thousands of them killed; we visited the former concentration camps Omarska, Keraterm and Trnopolje which existed from May to August 1992 in Prijedor, and which remain largely unmarked until today. At the three former camps, former detainees talked about their own experiences and the history of these sites. We also went to the centar of Prijedor to see monuments dedicated to Serbian soldiers, where we received explanations from the “Organization of the families of imprisoned and killed soldiers and missing civilians of the town of Prijedor”.

Memory in Focus

Berlin History Workshop : Smartphone-App The smartphone app for the history of forced labor in Berlin. Witnesses from Eastern and Western Europe come on site to speak – with memories, personal accounts and personal documents. You can follow their footsteps, by foot, bike or by train- on five tours across the city.