Exchange Platform
on History and Remembrance

Open now (until 15 June 2016): Call for application to participate at the 7th annual study trip and workshop, Serbia, 9-15.10.2016

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Interest for this area is manifold and comes both from personal motivation and professional interest. My family history directed me a great deal towards this area of research, and decision to move from Belgrade to Sarajevo only intensified importance and inevitability of these topics in my life.


In March 2016 the second seminar of the French-German-Kosovar-Serbian exchange program “Justice without reconciliation ? War crimes and trials in Europe since 1945” took plaxce in France. This program is realized by the French-German Youth Office, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights Serbia, Humanitarian Law Centar Kosovo, Community Building Mitrovica, Altea France and the Max-Mannheimer-Studienzentrum Dachau.

memory map

The «Memorial to the Unknown Jewish Martyr» was opened in 1956 in Paris as the first Memorial in Europe related to the genocide of the Jews during the Second World War; it was renewed and enlarged in 2005, becoming the “Mémorial de la Shoah” which is today the largest research, information and awareness-raising center in Europe on the history of the genocide of the Jews. In 2012, the Memorial de la Shoah opened a new Memorial site in Drancy, in the North of Paris, at the location of the former detention camp from where most of the Jews of France were deported between 1942 and 1944 and which was run by the French police which collaborated with the German occupier.

Memory in Focus

“Croatian Memories. Unveiling personal memories on war and detention” - an online oral history collection of more than 450 recordings of personal memories of witnesses of political events in Croatia and to preserve them from falling into oblivion. The material has been collected by Documenta. Center for Dealing with the Past in cooperation with the Erasmus University Rotterdam.