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on History and Remembrance

The 7th annual study trip and workshop will take place in Serbia, 9-15.10.2016

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My view is that this process is a most important thing for the future generations living in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a future citizen of this country and a professional dealing with the topic, I have a strong connection to it and a need to do everything in my power to contribute to it in different ways. It is my strong will and personal choice to work on this topic through the NGO sector which can be the only driving force for this process in a society where state institutions are lacking the interest and capacity for it.


“From Sarajevo (1914) to Sarajevo (1992-1996) : Why and how to use Memorials and Museums to teach the history of wars and mass violence in Europe?” - Training for history teachers and students from BiH, Croatia, France and Germany, organized by Historical Museum BiH, Youth Initiative for Human Rights Croatia, Memorial Centar Buchenwald, Historial of the Great War Péronne, Franco-German Youth Office.

memory map

he cities of Frankfurt (Oder) (62.000 inhabitants) and Słubice (18.000 inhabitants) are located on the German-Polish border, marked by the river Oder. The town of Frankfurt’s first development, in the 13th century, took place on the western bank of the Oder, and then the town was extended to the eastern bank and the suburb of Dammvorstadt. In 1945, the town was burned down; after the World War II, the new German-Polish border ran along the Oder, separating the eastern suburb, renamed Słubice, from the rest of Frankfurt. During the communist era, the relations between the two towns were very weak.

Memory in Focus

Documentary Animation: “Srebrenica Mapping Genocide” Youth Initiative for Human Rights BiH, FAMA team (led by Suada Kapić) in cooperation with "Vizual studio" created a documentary animation to present the events and phases of the genocide in Srebrenice between 6-9 July 1995 by combining facts and modern technology.