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on History and Remembrance

Memory Lab - Spring - Workshop:

Wake up Europe, Sarajevo Calling” - Connecting Local History and International Perspectives

Sarajevo, 26-29 June 2017

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I believe that the purpose of learning history is to get insights and reflect upon mistakes from the past to understand their roots and prevent that they happen again. The historical experience of crimes, destruction, humiliation, violation of human rights and dignity can be a strong tool for building tolerant humanity. My task as a historian is to encourage young people to understand and reflect on history, think critically and to stand up against every form of violence and discrimination.


In cooperation with the Goethe Institute and the French Institute in Zagreb, Youth Initiative for Human Rights - Croatia (YIHR) organised in the town of Petrinja (central Croatia) a symposium "Remembrance of the Civil Victims of War". Petrinja, as the town that suffered during the 1990s war in Croatia, was chosen as the venue of the symposium - aiming to present memorialisation of civil victims of war practices in Germany, France and Croatia - with the wish to further discuss the initiative for opening a museum dedicated to the civil victims of war in the town.

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Vukovar has a specific signification in remembrance of the Croatia's 1990s war. We visited three memory sites related to the siege of the town in 1991: the Memorial-Museum in the hospital of Vukovar, the Ovčara Memorial and the Ovčara mass grave site, and the Vukovar Memorial Cemetery.

Memory in Focus

Documentary film “Exploring hidden history” realized by Julie Biro in the framework of the Youth Encounter “Memory Lab Junior”, organized as a joint project of the Memory Lab -partners Max-Mannheimer-Study-Centar Dachau, Festival “Na Pola Puta”, YIHR BiH and CCFD – Terre Solidaire. This encounter gathered students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, France and Germany, and the film was made during the second phase of the project, in 2015, which took place in BiH and Serbia.