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on History and Remembrance

The 7th annual study trip and workshop will take place in Serbia, 9-15.10.2016

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I was born in Western Serbia near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, but I learned about gross human rights violations in this country only at the age of 22. Facing the fact that Srebrenica genocide occurred 130km away from my home town and that I heard of it for the first time in 2006, inspired me to get engaged in raising awareness about war crimes that were committed in former Yugoslavia, emphasizing crimes committed by Serbian forces throughout the region.


“Memory Walk” in Sarajevo and East-Sarajevo, organized by the Anne Frank House Amsterdam and the YIHR BiH

memory map

Ovcara is situated 5 km south of the town; more than 200 persons were brought there after the capture of the hospital and executed there in the night from 21 to 22nd November 1991: a monument has been erected at the place where the victims were executed and buried in a mass grave, and a Memorial established in 2006 in one of the hangars were the victims were brought before their execution.

Memory in Focus

Documentary Film: "What kind of memorials do we want to build?" / "Kakve memorijale želimo da gradimo?" Documentary filmmaker Ćazim Dervišević made a documentary film on 2011 Memory Lab workshop and studytrip (in which he participated), which took place in Prijedor (BiH) with trips to Vukovar, Jasenovac (Croatia) and Donja Gradina (BiH).